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Jiangmen Yufeng Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, has a number of factories, mainly producing magnetic rubber   
(Magnetic rubber) and iron sheet products. Plant covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, construction area of ​​25,000 square   
Meters. Company is conveniently located in the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong by hovercraft to only 2 hours,   
Only 1.5 hours from Guangzhou by car. Existing staff 150 people, including 20 senior technical staff   
Foreign trade personnel 6.   

Yufeng Magnetic Materials according to different needs, on a floppy disk affixed to print, double-sided adhesive, solid PVC,   
Transparent Epoxy, domed glass, fluorescent products, iron, etc., used in the manufacture of finished products play   
Tools, advertising gifts, education, decoration and other fields. The main products include: magnetic toys, metal   
Doll, magnetic puzzles, magnetic blocks, magnetic darts, fridge magnets, magnetic photo frame, magnetic phase Bags   
, Magnetic calendar, magnetic phone book, magnetic suction cabinets, refrigerators, shower door seal, display magnetic stripe and so on. Yufeng Magnetic Materials used in raw materials, such as magnetic, laminating and printing ink products, all non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, which can ensure the end user does not have any adverse health effects, and recyclable. We produce magnetic plastic magnetic counterparts are usually produced at the same level than the stronger the magnetic rubber, magnetic surface of the high tens of gauss, while the price is relatively low, so our product has an absolute advantage in the cost.   

Yufeng Magnetic Materials continuous rolling has the most advanced equipment, including a fully automatic machine, rewinding machine, laminating machine, cutting machine, etc. connected to the same charge in a magnetic film, the UV oil, magnetic rubber monthly reach 600-800 tons, 20 tons per day. Our delivery time is very short, usually only 3-4 days. Yufeng Magnetic Materials of foreign staff fluent in English, familiar with the process of foreign trade, there is no barrier to communication with foreign customers, timely response to issues raised in dealing with customers. As the excellent quality, reasonable price, with prompt delivery, excellent service, our products are now exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, such as Canada, France, Britain, Israel, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries, exports total sales of more than 50%. Supermarkets in these countries, and even ordinary people’s home, may find our products.   

Yufeng company sincerely welcome all friends to visit, negotiate business, we will treat each other in good faith, the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with you to jointly create a better tomorrow.